JLife Ministries is a non denominational discipleship training school that exists to train leaders to mobilize disciple-making movements in Africa. J-Life has representatives in 21 countries around Africa and its present administrative and training hub is in South Africa.

Darleen and I will be moving to South Africa to attend a 12 month training school to become J-Life Field Directors. After training we will move to the Nairobi, Kenya area where we will become Regional directors over Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. 

This is not a paid position; Darleen and I must raise our own financial support to fulfill this calling.

1. Ministry Description: To encourage, motivate and help resource countries to the fulfillment of "mobilizing disciple making movements" – this will entail site visits at least once a year to each of the locations to encourage and to evaluate what is going on there. We will be helping the country leaders and their team do strategic planning to better fulfill the vision and mission.

2. Ongoing Assessment and Accountability: Being based in Kenya, we will correspond with the country leaders on a regular basis when we are not with them. In this correspondence we will be holding leaders accountable to set goals and to work out those goals on a monthly basis.

3. Training and Equipping: To assess where the country leadership and their teams need equipping so they can better fulfill the mission. We will be training church leaders in each of these countries as the leaders deem necessary.

4. Resource: Help country leaders and their teams work to achieve self- sustainability.

5. Team Development: Help the country leaders develop healthy teams to fulfill the mission.

6. Short Term Teams: Recruit and assist short term mission teams in each of the countries.

Darleen and I ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a ministry partner with us in this new adventure through prayer and monthly support. We commit to each of you to seek God´s direction as we use the resources that you entrust to our care.