"Stepping Out-Of-The Boat"

As of January 1, 2011 Darleen and I will step down from our staff positions at the Alamo City Christian Fellowship Church into a new adventure. Over the years God has been stirring and preparing our hearts to give the rest of our days to ministry work in Africa. We have been blessed over the past 20 years to serve on staff at the Alamo City Christian Fellowship, under the Pastoral leadership of Dr. David Walker. We are grateful for the wonderful co-workers and friends God has allowed us to serve with, pray with, cry with and rejoice with over the years. God has taught us to passionately live our lives for His glory and to live our lives to the fullness that God has called us. The theme "JESUS." has been ingrained into the fabric of our lives and the words from our dear missed friend Dave Busby, who spoke of "Personal Depravity", will always remind us of our daily need to cry out for God´s grace and for the Power of the Holy Spirit. We are truly blessed to have great friends who have loved us, invested into our lives and have been with us through some difficult times. Darleen and I are grateful for the amazing people God has allowed us to minister to and with over the past 30 years, from those of the First Baptist Church in Lytle, San Antonio Youth for Christ, First Baptist Church of Castroville, Christ Fellowship of San Antonio and the Alamo City Christian Fellowship Church.
Our new adventure will take us to South Africa for the first year training with J-Life Ministries www.jlife.org.za. J-Life Ministries is a non-denominational discipleship training school that exists to train leaders to mobilize disciple-making movements in Africa. J-Life at this time has ministry leaders in 12 countries throughout Africa. After our first year, we will move to the Nairobi, Kenya, area where we will become the J-Life Field Directors for Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. (This is not a paid position).

One of the greatest blessings ministering with J-Life is that Darleen and I will have the freedom to be involved in several other ministries within Africa. Please visit our website for details of our assignment with J-Life and other ministries
(www.AHKI.org). As you read our website news and updates, please keep in prayer the ministry needs that we are giving our time, energy and resources to and how you may join with us in meeting these needs.  

If you or your church would like to come to Africa, we would love to help plan, organize and lead mission teams working with orphanages, churches, medical clinics, sport camps, evangelism or teaching conferences. Or, perhaps you would like to come and give a week(s), or month(s) ministering and serving at an orphanage or church.

Obviously, most of our time will be spent in Africa but we plan to keep our base in San Antonio so that when we are home we can spend time with our daughter Jennifer, the grandkids, family and friends!!

"Advancing His Kingdom International" is our 501c3 ministry. This step of faith is dependent upon financial donations from family and friends. We believe God will use this ministry to be a part of "Advancing His Kingdom" throughout Africa. We are asking you to join with us in prayer and support. We believe God will provide the means for us to run this race that He has set before us and for us to finish well.

We thank you for your love, friendship and support.

In His Grace - Billy & Darleen Honc

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